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Fan Buttons
IkeFanButton by RockTheGolem
DariusFanButton by RockTheGolem
I've seen a bunch of fan buttons made during my time here on DeviantArt. But newer ones seem to be fairly hard to come by. So, I figured, why not give people a place to go to have their own made? Feel free to message me the details of what you would like your button to be of. I can use whatever font you wish, and the button will be laid out according to your specifications!
YouTube Wallpapers/Banners
QueenOfKeyBlade YouTube Banner 2 by RockTheGolem
BTDubs Inc Second Anniversary YouTube Banner by RockTheGolem
NikoruChan18 Yuki Nagato YouTube Banner by RockTheGolem
Vocal Park YouTube Banner by RockTheGolem
RockTheGolem YouTube SOS Brigade Banner by RockTheGolem
TIDE Promotional Ad 1 by RockTheGolem
I've been designing customized YouTube wallpapers/banners for myself and for others since I first discovered it was an option. All of my designs are set to the highest resolution YouTube allows, and are laid out to be guaranteed to fit in the banner area of your YouTube page, no matter where it is being viewed or what media source it's being viewed on: cellular phones, computer monitors, or even your Xbox/Playstation. You won't have to worry about your avatar icon or your external link icons getting in the way, because I take all of that into account when I make my designs. However simple or complex the design may be, I can make it work for your page!
Transparent Vector Images
Nicole Oppai Anime Vector by RockTheGolem
Battle Bunny Riven Vector by RockTheGolem
Takeshi as Me Vector 2 by RockTheGolem
EbonyIvory81 Vector Art - Request by RockTheGolem
If there is an anime picture you'd like to have converted into this style, I can do it for you, and even modify it to an extent (like the glasses and facial hair). Just let me know which picture you want and the color scheme you'd like to have. These images can also be placed on a solid color of your choosing at no extra charge.

Note: The price listed is for an image with one character. An image with multiple characters will increase the cost by +10 points per character. 
Vector Images w/ Background
You Make My Heart Go...Nmm Mori Valentine Vector by RockTheGolem
Be Mine? Valentine by RockTheGolem
Meljona by RockTheGolem
If instead of just the empty background you'd like to have something fancy, that can also be accommodated. Again, I just need an idea of what you'd like it to look like.

Note: The price listed is for an image with one character. An image with multiple characters will increase the cost by +10 points per character. 






In my college days, when I was first getting into doing graphic design for other people, I decided I needed a place to store everything so I could show them off to people. After a search, deviantART was the best choice. However, all I ever put on there were small pieces I did for others. I had no desire to do anything for myself and post my own work. It wasn't until years later that I decided to delete my old account and start from scratch. Thus, the dA profile you see today!

Drawing II Final - Piece 2 of 2 by RockTheGolem - I began by uploading a series of works that I created in college; everything from charcoal sketches to photomanipulations and vector artwork. I chose this image because it is unique among everything in my gallery: a poster, made up for 4 sections being brought together to make one massive 38x44" creation made through the use of pencil, charcoal, black and white conte. It took me almost 14 hours to complete it. I was the only one in my class to attempt something on this scale, and while it is far from perfect, I am proud of the work I did. I have yet to attempt anything else like it (and it's partner piece) ever since.

Triforce Redux Wallpaper by RockTheGolem - Photoshop Elements was the first true graphic program I ever used. I learned some extremely rudimentary basics from Windows Paint when I was 7. But, when I was 14, I applied for my working papers, and ended up buying myself a scanner that came with a free copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements, which took things to a whole new level for me! I've been working with Photoshop ever since, and currently use CS5. This piece is proof of exactly how much I've learned to do. Everything in this image was created exclusively in Photoshop and, to date, is my most popular submission, both in views and favorites.

Merry Christmas! (2013) - Mori and Haruhi OHSHC by RockTheGolem - I love the idea of expanding my knowledge and skill base. Years ago, a friend of mine approached me to be the colorist for an independent comic book series he was trying to develop. He has since given up on the project, but working with him was enjoyable, and the experience showed me that I have a love and appreciation for Illustration. I decided to take it a step further than what my friend had originally planned, and decided to recreate an image from a manga I had seen. I remade all of the line-work from scratch, added my own palette of colors to the two characters, and even included material textures and shading. I am extremely happy with the way this one turned out. Originally it was going to be a gift for someone special, but I ended up sharing it with everyone.

QueenOfKeyBlade YouTube Banner 2 by RockTheGolem - While I have yet to receive my first official commission, I get requests all the time; typically from my friends. My very first watcher, Kayla, asked me one day if I would be willing to make her a new banner wallpaper for her YouTube page. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige! The only problem was that Kayla was (and still is) extremely busy, and we never got around to sitting down and discussing what exactly she wanted. So, I decided to set out on my own and create something based on what I knew about her. I knew she was obsessed with cosplay and Kingdom Hearts, so I decided to focus on those two things. I was able to find out from her that she loves the colors in a peacock feather, so I used that as my palette. Lastly, I knew from previous experience that she was a dog groomer by trade, so I decided to use paw prints to decorate the piece. And viola! She was so happy with what I had made for her that she actually cried!

I'll be there for you, too. by RockTheGolem - I seem to make a lot of pieces for my friends. Not even so much because they ask me to, but often times because I want to do something nice for them, completely unprompted and for no reason at all other than they are my friends and I want them to have something special from me. I find that my mood drives my creative energy, and that my friends have a remarkable influence on my life. I made this piece for my friend Taylor who, along with many others, was extremely supportive of me when I was going through a tough time. She talked to me all the time, helped me forget about bad things, and even gave me a little insight that led me to discovering a state a clarity. I used 3D models that I modified to represent the two of us (3D Animation is another love of mine). Rather than starting with a concept in my head of layout, I simply started with an emotional concept; how I felt and the way she made me feel. It's safe to say that this piece was one of my faster creations simply because it had a life of its own before even being made. It's emotional pictures like these that involve those closest to me that are the easiest for me to create, maybe because I'm so invested in them that it feels like they take almost no time to complete at all.

xZozomon Vector Wallpaper by RockTheGolem - I was originally going to just do 5 pictures, but I would be foolish not to include my latest artist style pursuit: minimalist vector! I should start out by saying that, by nature, I am by NO means a minimalist! Every single graphic design professor I had in college would look at my preliminary work and tell me that while it was impressive from a technical and talent aspect, it was too busy; there was so much going on that there was no focal point for the viewer. I was the only designer who started out with too much, and then had to work it backwards (kind of like how a sculptor chips away at stone to reveal a statue by removing and reducing the unneeded materials). My finished pieces were always top notch. My GPA proves that. But after graduating, I knew that I had to learn how to create outside of my comfort zone, and think/design in ways I wasn't used to. So, I challenged myself to start using Adobe Illustrator more, and to keep my pieces as minimalist as possible. And I have to say: I think it was a massive success! I've done everything from leaving a subject's skin as transparent as the background, filling in a subjects skin with a background image, having everything of a subject silhouetted except for their hair, and to having a fully formed subject with no more detail than their eyebrows and buttons. I have to admit that I've developed a major appreciation for this style, and it has helped me think of projects from a minimalist point of view, which has saved me a lot of time and energy.

SO! What's my plan for the future. Well, as far as deviantArt goes, I'll continue to create pieces as often as I can. I would still love to get Chasing Heroes up off the ground and start putting out pages for the audience (that mostly likely doesn't exist currently) to enjoy. And I'm sure my friends will always have ideas for me. I'm actually currently working on my marketing material for a company I would like to establish. I've thought about it for a long time, and the job market being what it is, I think it will be more worthwhile to go into business for myself rather than depend on others to hire me (this, of course, will be in addition to the job I have now). For me personally, I want to continue voice acting (and fates willing, turn professional), and I want to build a new computer rig; one that is powerful enough that I can really start to teach myself 3D Animation and perhaps one day write, animate, direct, produce and voice act in a series of my own creation (ya hear that, :iconmontyoum:? I'm coming for ya! Haha. :) ). There's still a lot of work to be done. And I have a feeling that deviantArt will continue to be a part of that.


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Hello all! My name is Dave! I'm a freelance Graphic Designer who is working towards earning his certificate in Computer Animation. I had a DeviantArt account a long time ago under a different name, but I was just using it as storage with some basic stuff I was messing around with. My style has drastically changed since then, and I've broadened my horizons to encompass multiple art forms. I sketch, draw, design digitally, sculpt, stage act, voice act, video/audio edit, sing, dance, and write stories. In the future I plan to add computer modeling/animation, directing and producing to my repertoire (preferably in that order). But, all things in due time.

In the meantime, you can also check out my YouTube account where I post some voice acting work and song covers. I also work for a few groups, including BTDubs Inc, Delirium Studios, and various others. Feel free to check them out! And if you're looking for help with a project and feel like I could be of assistance, feel free to drop me a line on there!…

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